Social Work Practice for Resilience, LLC - Dr. Barbara Milton, LCSW
What is eTherapy and Online Therapy:

eTherapy and Online Therapy is the provision of mental health services using the technology of live, interactive video/text/chat.  

  • All mental health services that are delivered face-to-face can be delivered remotely via texting, chat forums, internet and skype.

eTherapy and Online Therapy has a number of important benefits for patients, clinicians, provider organizations, and communities. The most important of these can be summarized succinctly:

  • eTherapy/ Online Therapy is a cost-effective way to improve access to specialty mental health services in under-served communities and populations.  Dr. Milton has found that the option for eTherapy and Online Therapy Services is viable for her practice with adolescents and young adults. 

Dr. Milton has invested in Secured, Encrypted, HIPPA Compliant technology to deliver Telemental Health TeleTherapy Services'

TeenTalk eTherapy and Online Therapy is a treatment option developed by Dr. Milton for clients who have completed a thorough intake/assessment and the option makes clinical sense to advance treatment goals.
Dr. Milton provides the following technology supported therapy services:

Video eTherapy via FaceTime, OVOO, Skype
Text eTherapy
Online Therapy including chat rooms and direct sessions.

Clients can arrange online services services at affordable rates.
All sessions are paid for in advance of the sessions through PayPal.

Dr. Milton accepts: 
Debit Cards
MC/VISA Credit Cards

eTherapy and Online Therapy Services are for active clients only and are not appropriate for interventions where eminent danger or harm might occur.  All clients will be required to have a face to face consultation/intake to determine if this modality of intervention is the preferred method of treatment.

eTherapy and Online Therapy are not substitutes for care in the event of an urgent matter.  Clients are urged to go their local EMERGENCY ROOM or CALL 911 rather than seek intervention via  eTherapy or Online Therapy contact.

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