Social Work Practice for Resilience - Dr. Barbara Milton, LCSW
- Cultural Competence with at risk African American clients
-Child/Adolescent Mental Health
-Trauma and Vicarious Trauma/Resilience
-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
-Power, Privilege and Oppression
-Human Behavior in the Social Environment
-Clinical Practice with Adolescents
- BioPsychoSOcioCultural Assessment
-Treatment Planning
-Clinical Documentation-Collaborative Documentation 
- Intergenerational Trauma
-Complex Trauma
-Unlearning Racism
-Paraprofessional Training Series

Dr. Milton's Dissertation is available through ProQuest.
Contributing Author, Confessions of A Welfare Mom, Volume 1,  (2011), Kiwan Fitch.  Available for $20.
Contributing Editor, Confessions of A Welfare Mom,, Volume 2,  (2013), Kiwan Fitch.  Available for $20.
Coming Soon--
Sankofa Practice: A new paradigm of social work practice for the emancipation of black youth, families and communities (2017).

Listening to Teens: What they need from peers, parents and the community to be successful (2017)
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