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For over 30 years, I have worked with and on behalf of at-risk Youth , often times primarily with African American youth and families as a social worker in a variety of community-based, clinical and educational settings.   
I have spent my career helping youth and families navigate difficulties in their lives as a case worker, program manager, program director  and a therapist.  I also help professionals as researcher, a trainer, intern field instructor and a clinical supervisor.
More recently, I balance my time between employment in the non profit mental health sector ensuring quality service delivery to the poor  and my personal crusade to shift society perception of youth through a bimonthly column  in the Jersey Journal called, "Our Pride & Joy" where I feature a biopic story of a resilient and successful teen and a public access cable show on Comcast Cable TV called, "Focus on Teens", which profiles teens, parents and professionals concerned about teens and exposes the viewing audience to teen issues and teen voices.

My research interests are at risk youth, resilience, youth empowerment, parent engagement, trauma and community violence.  I designed and conducted a  innovative qualitative study of a collection of the Work Progress Administration's slave narratives resulted in the identification of 16 culturally-rooted protective factors related to slave survival during and after bondage. These newly discovered protective factors, when considered for application with 21st Century African Americans have the potential to have a positive impact on mediating the effects of trauma, violence and other impediments to personal, familial and community wellness.  The findings of  my research has added to the current literature on resilience in expansive ways that provide a new cultural lenses for the study of and application of resilience.

If you want support, training, and assistance with elevating your program, clients and practice in the area of cultural competence with African American clients from  high risk environments,  do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation.
Lastly, I have been fascinated by the emerging trend in medicine and mental health treatment to incorporate the use of technology in work with clients.  TeleMental Health is here to stay and will only expand in years to come.  I have piloted work with teens and young adults  in the use of online therapy, video conferencing, texting and chatting as an adjunct therapy modality and I am convinced the modality, provided privacy is maintained, is a way to provide ongoing treatment in a more affordable, portable and lifestyle congruent way with adolescents, young adults and their families..   

Please check in on my blog and Facebook page for more updates on the modality.

I appreciate you checking out my website.  I am available.  I do enjoy travelling.  If you think I can be of assistance with your staff or your program or if you are looking start a program to help youth and families, please give me a call.  I am happy to share my knowledge and experience.

In Solidarity,
Dr. Babrara Milton, LCSW 
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